Roasted carrots

By Jessica – December 18th, 2005

Tray of carrots to roast I’ve never been overly fond of cooked carrots. The only cooked carrots I’ve ever really enjoyed are my grandma’s super-cheesy baked carrot casserole, but those are a bit too heavy and labor-intensive for everyday vegetable purposes. However, I recently stumbled upon a great, easy way of making cooked carrots taste very yummy indeed.

Preheat the oven to about 210 C (410 F). Chop your carrots into roughly 1-inch pieces, spread them on a baking tray, and toss them with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Drizzle them with honey or maple syrup. Add herbs and spices if desired (thyme goes nicely with honey, while allspice is quite lovely with maple syrup). Put them in the oven, leave them alone for about 45 minutes until they look nice and roasted. Take them out of the oven. Eat them.

It’s ludicrously simple, I know, but it was a revelation to me. It produces cooked carrots that taste like sweet potatoes, all caramelized on the outside and soft on the inside. Just right for a chilly winter night.


These sound good even for a warm AZ night!

# Posted by Mutti on

Yay! I’ll have to try this one! Sounds like it would work with parsnips too!

# Posted by Jon Hicks on

Throw in a few Shallots too. Perfect together. And make a great accompaniment for some bangers and mash.

Jon, parsnips are great roasted, especially coated in parmesan. The second best part of any roast dinner!

Along the same line, roasting green beans with shallots, olive oil and fresh ground pepper for about 20-25 minutes at 450F. BTW, great site.

hrmmm…Roast and bake it.. yummm

# Posted by elsa kawai on

Absolutely the best thing to do with carrots - completely agree. Giraffe (kid-friendly restaurants in London) do them brilliantly.

It’s especially good with roasts - you just bung them in the oven along with the meeeat - takes most the hassle and time-issues out of the meal!

# Posted by Matt Lindop on

prefect for christmas day dinner

# Posted by jim on

I like baked carrots and the suggestions offered here, but after reading this, all I want is grandma’s super-cheesy carrot casserole. Where can I find that? Google brought me back here. Thanks

# Posted by Josh on

Found this recipe years ago, after finding this site through Jeremy’s blog. I’ve made these a few times a year since then, every single time gathering glowing reviews. Fantastic recipe. Well done. (Okay, so I made a bad batch once, but it was because I flaked and set the oven at 210 F… so crunchy!)

# Posted by Cory on

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